Gathering and Drying Flowers


One of my many passions is being outside with Nature gathering flowers and weeds that can be dried and used for making gorgous dried wreaths.  What some people would call weeds, I see as beauty when dried and designed into Nature's rich beautiful wreaths.

I started drying flowers by trial and error drying with some success and some failures.  I learned about the time of gathering not only the time of day but best time to havesting, how to hang to dry and what plants that are suitable for drying. 
The best time to collect the plants is in the morning after the dew when the plants are dry.  Never gather after a rain or when the plants are wet or they will mold.  It is best not to gather in the heat of the day.  The late afternoon is an enjoyable time to stroll the fields, taking walks searching for those special plants. 

Collecting the flowers and plants for drying will be done in different stages throughout the Spring and Fall.  Some plants and flowers can be left in the fields or gardens to dry naturally and cut after drying on their stem.  When drying always strip the leaves from the flowers/plants, tie in small bundles and hang upside down in a warm, dry, dark place for several weeks until dry.  I dry my flowers/plants in an old building and have run string making several rows of clotheslines for hanging my plants to dry.   When dried carefully remove the bundles from the drying lines, and store with stems downward in a container until ready to make the wreaths or arrangments.  Continue this process as you gather more plants/flowers throughout the season.


Happy Gathering


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