Saving our Environment

Our mission has always been to make do with what we have and not waste anything.  We firmly believe in helping save the environment one piece at a time, by recycling and reclaiming. 

It is very rewarding when old becomes “New” again.  Recycling clothing can create one-of-a-kind huggable little animals for children, handbags, scarves, quilts, dolls, teddy bears and etc..
Reclaimed timbers can become a charming gift shop built from an old barn, keepsake wooden boxes, furniture, cutting boards and so much more.  The use of recycled materials and natural resources is a necessity in saving our planet



          Nature walks in the woods, seeing a moss covered branch can become the backdrop for displaying jewelry or the beginning of a swag using natural leaves, berries, pinecones, bark, vines, etc.  There is nothing any better than Mother Nature’s gifts to use in decorating and creating with the gift of love.


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