The rocks around the fishpond came from my husband's Grandmother's mid-1800's old two story farmhouse.The twin rock chimneys that once stood on each side of the old house have been recycled and showcase this beautiful rock  fishpond and flower garden.

Accenting the landscape throughout the summer, Butterflies, Bees and Hummingbirds are attracted by these rich colors and sweet smelling flowers. Cuttings can be hung to dry in a dark, warm place for designing beautiful dried wreaths and other arrangments
This rich lush Country Garden is breathtaking as the babbling creek flows beneath the arch bridge as it cascades over the rocks into a fishpond filled with Goldfish swimming among the water lilies. The garden reflects memories of days gone by featuring an old rusty water pump, with  flowers blooming that once thrived at the old homeplace of our Grandparents. 

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